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IEC 61851-1 High Low Temperature Climate Charging Pile Test Chamber

China Sinuo Testing Equipment Co. , Limited certification
China Sinuo Testing Equipment Co. , Limited certification
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IEC 61851-1 High Low Temperature Climate Charging Pile Test Chamber

IEC 61851-1 High Low Temperature Climate Charging Pile Test Chamber
IEC 61851-1 High Low Temperature Climate Charging Pile Test Chamber IEC 61851-1 High Low Temperature Climate Charging Pile Test Chamber IEC 61851-1 High Low Temperature Climate Charging Pile Test Chamber IEC 61851-1 High Low Temperature Climate Charging Pile Test Chamber

Large Image :  IEC 61851-1 High Low Temperature Climate Charging Pile Test Chamber

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sinuo
Certification: Calibration Certificate (Cost Additional)
Model Number: SN886-18m³
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Customized
Packaging Details: Plywood
Delivery Time: 1 Month
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 5 Sets Per Month
Detailed Product Description
Applied Standards: IEC 61851 And Etc. Temperature Range: -40°~ 120℃, Can Be Customized
Humidity Range: 30%-98%RH, Can Be Customized Temperature Uniformity: ≤2℃, Can Be Customized
Temperature Fluctuation: Can Be Customized Temperature Deviation: Can Be Customized
High Light:

Climate Charging Pile Test Chamber


IEC 61851-1 Pile Test Chamber


IEC 61851-1 High & Low Temperature Climate Charging Pile Test Chamber


System Overview:


This walk-in test chamber simulates the temperature and humidity changeable environment for the products or materials. It is widely used in the adaptability test of electrical, electronics, instrument and meter and other product parts under high and low temperature and humid environment during storage, transportation and usage, to determine the temperature adaptability of the above products or materials to high and low temperature and humid environment, especially for product electrification changes in performance and mechanical properties.

It conforms to standards:

IEC 61851-1 clause 12.9 and 12.10

IEC60068-2-1:2007 “Environmental Testing-Part 2-1: Tests-Test A: Cold, IDT”

IEC60068-2-2:2007 “Environmental Testing-Part 2-1: Tests- Test B-Dry heat, IDT”

IEC60068-2-78:2012 “Environmental Testing-Part 2-78: Tests-Test Cab: Damp heat, steady state, IDT”

IEC60068-2-30:2005 “Environmental Testing-Part 2-30: Tests-Test Db: Damp heat, cyclic (12h+12h cycle), IDT”

This chamber is required by many standard requirements, such as IEC 61851-23 clause, etc.




1. The test system has advanced and reasonable structural design, standardized manufacturing process, beautiful appearance and generous appearance.
2. The main functional components of the test chamber are world famous branded ones. The test chamber has best control of noise and energy saving.
3. The matching of components and assembly is good. The main functional components are imported from the internationally branded companies, which improves the safety and reliability of the test chamber, and can ensure the long-term, high-frequency usage purposes.
4. The equipment has good operability, maintainability, good temperature stability and durability, good safety performance. It does not pollute the environment and endanger human health.


Main Technical parameters:
1.Product name Walk-in Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber
Mode SN881-18m3
2.Applicable instructions
2.1. Applicable range This equipment is suitable for environmental simulation reliability tests of various electrical and electronic products and other products, parts and materials, such as constant high and low temperature, gradual change, and cycle tests.
2.2. Safety test restrictions

A) Test and storage of samples of flammable, explosive and volatile substances

B) Test of corrosive substance samples,test and storage of biological samples

C) Test and storage of strong electromagnetic emission source samples

3.Volume and size
3.1. Effective volume 18m³
3.2. Inner box size WDH=3×2×3m
3.3. Outer box size

About W3700 mm*H3200 mm*D4000 mm(Excluding unit size)

Reminder: Please refer to the final design and confirm the three views for the external dimensions

4.1. Cooling method Water cooling
4.2. Temperature range -40°~ 120℃
4.3. Humidity range 30%-98%RH
4.4. Temperature /humidity fluctuation ±2℃ / ±2.0%RH
4.5. Temperature resolution accuracy 0.01℃
4.6. Humidity resolution accuracy 0.01RH
4.7. Temperature uniformity ≤2℃
4.8. Humidity uniformity < 75%RH:±3%RH; >75%RH±5%RH
4.9. Heating time RT~120℃≤90min
4.10. Cooling time RT~-40℃≤130min
4.11. Temperature rise and fall overshoot ≤±1℃
4.12. Load situation 4KW(Generating capacity of heat of sample)
4.14. Test standards

IEC60068-2-1:2007 “Environmental Testing-Part 2-1: Tests-Test A: Cold, IDT”

IEC60068-2-2:2007 “Environmental Testing-Part 2-1: Tests- Test B-Dry heat, IDT”

IEC60068-2-78:2012 “Environmental Testing-Part 2-78: Tests-Test Cab: Damp heat, steady state, IDT”

IEC60068-2-30:2005 “Environmental Testing-Part 2-30: Tests-Test Db: Damp heat, cyclic (12h+12h cycle), IDT”

4.15. Schematic diagram of temperature and humidity


PS: Standard humidity 20%~95%HR

5.Structure and material
5.1 Outer box material Adopt advanced cold and hot steel plate non-static nano-baking paint
5.2. Inner box material SUS304 stainless steel plate
5.3. Thermal insulation materials High temperature and fire-resistant rigid polyurethane foam
5.4. Door frame sealing strip Silicone rubber sealing strip
5.5. Chamber door Double-leaf doors open outside, the door frame and the edge of the door panel are equipped with electric heating devices and overflow ditch
5.6. Electric heating glass observation window

Quantity: 2

Location: On the door of the test room (or the place designated by the customer)

Form: 3-layer vacuum strengthened glass with built-in anti-fogging heating element

5.7. Lighting High and low temperature resistant explosion-proof energy-saving lamp
5.8. Pressure balance port All aluminum alloy with anti-sweat line 4 sets of self-resetting pressure windows
5.9. Weight bearing Laboratory load: 1000KG
5.10. Sample hole A hole with a diameter of φ100mm on the left side chamber wall and equipped with a rubber isolation plug and a rubber cover at the same time. IEC 61851-1 High Low Temperature Climate Charging Pile Test Chamber 0
5.11. Non-slip floor The floor adopts a 4.0mm stainless steel non-slip design to prevent personnel from being injured during internal operations.
5.12 Drainage


The floor is designed with a drainage tank,and the test chamber has no water inside after the end of high temperature and humidity test
5.13 Foot cup The foot cup of the electric box adopts silica gel pad to absorb shock and protect the compressor and copper pipe welding
5.15. Noise of the whole machine ≦80dB
6.Air conditioning system
6.1. Constant temperature method Adopt cold balance method
6.2. Working principle of energy saving

Conventional constant humidity method: When the actual temperature reaches the set temperature, the compressor's cooling capacity remains unchanged, and the heating method is used to offset the compressor's cooling capacity to achieve temperature balance in the box.

Cold balance method: When the actual temperature reaches the set value, the cold solenoid valve output is controlled by the controller PID, and the temperature in the box is balanced through the controlled cooling output. Compared with the conventional constant humidity method, the heating output is reduced to make the whole unit Compared with the conventional method, the equipment can achieve 40% energy saving

6.3. Air cooling method Cascade compressor refrigeration
6.4. Circulating motor Taiwan Tatung Low Voltage Induction Motor
6.5. Sensor

With temperature and humidity measurement sensor and controller

PT100 platinum resistance sensor

6.6. Wind wheel Multi-wing centrifugal circulating fan, high and low temperature resistant aluminum alloy blade
7.Refrigerating system
7.1. Cooling method Original imported cascade silent type, high efficiency and energy saving compressor
7.2. Compressor

Original imported German Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor.

2 sets of 6HP compressors


7.3. Refrigerant

Non-fluorine environmental protection HFC404A (Honeywell) and DuPont R23 refrigerant


7.4. Condenser

High-efficiency shell and tube type (water cooling)


Equipped with cooling water tower (well-known brand) and pipeline


7.5. Evaporator

High-efficiency multi-section fin evaporator with hydrophilic membrane (thickened fin)


7.6. Oil separator

Emerson AW


7.7. Expansion valve Danfoss Thermal Expansion Valve
7.8. Solenoid valve

Japan Saginomiya and Danfoss


7.9. Other accessories

All high-quality products of the first international brand (pictured on the right: drying filter)


7.10. Dehumidification

Freezing and dehumidifying by the refrigeration system (the air in the box passes through the evaporator below the dew point temperature, and water is precipitated).

*Choose evaporator fins with hydrophilic membrane treatment, better dehumidification performance, because the water tension of the hydrophilic membrane aluminum fins is small, the water droplets from air condensation are easy to slip off, and it is not easy to produce obstructive water bridges in the fin gap. Thereby greatly improving the dehumidification efficiency!

8. Heating and humidification system
8.1. Heating method Electric heating
8.2. Steam supply method Open direct injection, the inside of the generator is directly connected to the test chamber, keeping the internal pressure close to zero
8.3. Heating tube Stainless steel finned nickel-chromium alloy electric heating tube, heating tube anti-MC adhesion design, heater connection, heat-resistant wire is used, the heater is placed in the circulating air duct on the top of the box, and fire-resistant and heat-insulating materials are added around it
8.4. Humidification tube

A) The humidification cylinder (boiler method) is used for humidification, which is faster than the traditional surface humidification (water pan type) and has higher control accuracy.

In the box

It will not produce impurity pollution such as scale, has good low-humidity performance, and is easy to clean.

B) The humidification tube adopts all stainless-steel seamless casing, the insulation resistance is greater than 50MΩ, and has a dry-burn prevention controller

C) The humidification cylinder is made of stainless steel and has a water level observation window.

D) Low temperature with dry air

8.5. Control method

Non-contact control the output signal of the controller achieves high precision through SSR solid state relay

Non-contact switch control

8.6. Humidification boiler Installed inside the machine room
8.7. Humidification water treatment Equipped with a dedicated water softening device, which can effectively remove impurities in the water (1 set of pure water recovery system device, with activated carbon filter to filter water impurities).
9.Control system
9.1. Controller The controller has English display, self-diagnosis function, prompts the cause of failure and treatment method, and records test data and process
9.2. Dialogue interface Industrial control architecture touch screen LCD color display, English menu dialogue mode
9.3. Setting accuracy Temperature 0.1℃, time 0.1 minutes, humidity 1%RH
9.4. Temperature input High-precision sensor
9.5. Humidity input High-precision electrostatic capacitance humidity sensor
9.6. Control method PID control
9.7. Operation mode Program operation mode, fixed value operation mode, timing start-up operation mode
9.8. System capacity 1000 groups of programs*100 segments per group (1000 times can be cycled separately), the number of segments required by each group of programs can be divided arbitrarily, and each group of programs can be freely linked to each other
9.9. Test data display Set temperature, measured temperature, total operating time, segment operating time, segment remaining time, heating status, calendar time, etc.
9.10. Built-in PLC function It can directly drive each execution part, and the logic operation is completed by PLC software
9.11. Automatic selection of refrigerator working conditions According to different test conditions, automatically select the working state of the refrigerator
9.12. Communication interface Equipped with RS485 interface, it can be connected to an external computer for remote temperature control, and it has a computer remote diagnosis function. It can adjust and monitor the operation of the equipment, programs, instructions, and software through the Inter network.
10. The main components of the control circuit


The main components of the control circuit are all high-quality brands




11. Safety protection function

1. Test product over-temperature protection (independent)

2. With no fuse protection switch

3. Heater over-temperature protection switch

4. The compressor is overloaded and overheated

5. Compressor high- and low- pressure protection

6. System over-current protection device

7. The controller self-diagnoses the fault and displays it

8. Cooling water pressure is too low protection

9. Leakage protection, short circuit protection, wrong phase / phase loss protection, fan overload protection, independent over temperature protection, water shortage protection, water cut protection, operation indication, sound and light alarm, automatic power off after alarm, etc.

12. Conditions of use

1. Ambient temperature: -5℃~+28℃;

2. Relative humidity: ≤85%RH;

3. Atmospheric pressure: 80kPa~106kPa

4. No strong vibration around

5. Equipment power supply: (note that the test power supply is not included)

5.1 Connect to power supply 380V AC (±10%), three-phase wire + protective ground wire, grounding resistance ≤ 4Ω;

5.2 Total power: about 25KW

5.3 Maximum working current: about 60A

Main Components of Refrigeration system:
IEC 61851-1 High Low Temperature Climate Charging Pile Test Chamber 1


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