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Latest company case about Circuit Breaker Tripping Characteristics Test Project in Russia

Circuit Breaker Tripping Characteristics Test Project in Russia

After several video conferences, we successfully finalized the final design of the Circuit Breaker Tripping Characteristics Test Project with the Russian customer. The project started manufacturing in April and was completed in early May.   The test equipment is designed and manufactured according to the standard requirements of IEC60898-1 clause 9.1, 9.8, 9.9 and 9.10, IEC60947-1 clause 7.2.1 and etc. It is made to verify that the circuit-breaker complies with the requirements, which apply 1.13 times, 1.45 times, and 2.55 times the rated current to test to see if it trips within the specified time. The test equipment can also test the instantaneous tripping characteristics of the circuit breaker, that is, apply 3 to 20 times the rated current for the test whether it jumps out of the time. Also meets standard 28-day test requirements. The device supports Russian language system.     The equipment chamber is welded with high-quality steel, the plate is coated and sealed, and the surface is anti-static, anti-rust, and anti-corrosion coated. The upper part of the equipment is equipped with a panel, a power switch, and a variety of wire ends (for delay tripping test). The equipment is reasonably designed and used with the advantages of convenience, simple operation, reliable performance and beautiful appearance.   Chamber 1, Chamber 2, and Chamber 3 are independent and can be freely combined for testing.     Then our sales team and technical team help each other and cooperate with customers' video acceptance.  
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Latest company case about IEC60529 IPX Laboratory in United Arab Emirates

IEC60529 IPX Laboratory in United Arab Emirates

We are honored to have built an IP testing laboratory for customers in the UAE. This set of laboratories covers IPX1-8 testing, as well as dustproof testing and impact testing. It is designed and manufactured in accordance with the standard requirement of IEC60529 IPX clauses.   For example, IPX3~4 oscillating tubes test system maximum diameter reaches 1600MM. IPX7 system mainly used to test the product waterproof performance in the soaking environment. Through the test, check whether the product waterproof level meet the requirements, for product design, R&D and factory inspection use.     We customize and plan according to the customer's laboratory dimensions. Not only the waterproof performance and drainage system of the laboratory must be considered, but also the design of the laboratory door opening direction, waterproof materials, etc.   Professional people do professional things, and we guarantee to provide you with reliable laboratory solutions!  
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Latest company case about IEC 62368 Audio/Video, Information Technology Equipment Test Laboratory

IEC 62368 Audio/Video, Information Technology Equipment Test Laboratory

We were so glad to participate in our Vietnam customer's IEC 62368 Audio/video, Information and Communication Technology Equipment test  laboratory construction in 2023, we have supplied a series of testing equipment based on IEC 62368-1:2018 to our customer,and won good comments.   The electric vibration test system is one of the testing equipment that we've supplied, it is used to simulate the damage of products and individual components in the actual working environment. Its working principle is similar to that of a speaker, that is, the energized conductor is acted upon by a force in the magnetic field. This force is the excitation force of the vibration test bench. The working process of the system is that the excitation coil and the moving coil in the table body form two mutually perpendicular magnetic fields when energized. The two magnetic fields cut the magnetic lines of force with each other to generate excitation force. The vibration acceleration (a), amplitude (mm), frequency (HZ) and other indicators generated in these excitation phenomena are input to the vibration controller through the vibration sensor. The controller analyzes and processes the output to the preamplifier and power amplifier, and then the power amplifier to the stage body, and so on, to keep the vibration test system running within a stable test index. In this process, the cooling fan is used to cool the heat generated by two mutually perpendicular magnetic fields passing current. The temperature generated in the magnetic field cannot be higher than 110°C, otherwise it will cause the temperature to be too high and cause an alarm. This requires that the laboratory environment temperature where the vibration test system is located must be at normal temperature.   Installation and commissioning at customer's site      
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Latest company case about Table Fan Bladeless Fan Energy Efficiency Test System has been finished in Philippine

Table Fan Bladeless Fan Energy Efficiency Test System has been finished in Philippine

We have designed and built thisTable Fan Bladeless Fan Energy Efficiency Test System for our Philippine customer, this system has been installed on customer site in the beginning of 2024 successfully, and it is running under good conditions.     This test device is designed in accordance with IEC 60879-2019 "Comfort fans and regulators for household and similar purpose- Methods for Measuring Performance ".   It can accurately measure the performance parameters such as the wind speed, air volume, fan speed, fan power consumption, and fan energy efficiency of table fans, floor standing fans, pedestal fans, etc., and can realize the sampling and analysis of fan products, product quality inspection, and research and development.      
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Latest company case about 10-Stations Refrigerator Performance Lab

10-Stations Refrigerator Performance Lab

This refrigerator performance lab designed and manufactured by Sinuo Testing Equipment Co., Limited, successfully delivered and installed on our customer's site in 2022.   This installation can be used to test the performance of 10 Household vertical refrigerators or 6 Chest Freezer.   In July 2022, this system has been produced and inspected by customers.   The system was shipped to the Philippines laboratory in the same month.
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Latest company case about Door-to-Door Installation Electric Vehicle Charging Interface Drive-over Test Machine

Door-to-Door Installation Electric Vehicle Charging Interface Drive-over Test Machine

New energy vehicles can be seen everywhere in life, which has led to more items that need to be tested. This is required in relevant standards such as IEC62196-1 and IEC62752. The drive over test is essential for the safety of new energy vehicles.   Taking into account the force value required for the drive over test required by the standard, the impact force of the tire, and the safety of the operator, we designed and manufactured this charging interface drive over test equipment. It is used to conduct vehicle drive over tests on charging vehicle power supply plugs, vehicle plugs and function boxes to determine their reliability after drive over.     The entire equipment adopts a cold-rolled steel plate protective box structure design. The surface of the box is treated with Teflon paint. The bottom of the box is covered with simulated cement floor. The rolling mechanism can simulate a car tire rolling over an object and then sliding up and down freely. The charging pile plugs bear the same pressure. The driving device drives the rolling mechanism to achieve forward and backward rolling movements. The main components are made of stainless steel and aluminum parts. (Make sure the tire is rolling over the sample under normal rolling conditions).     The device weighs 2 tons. We are responsible for installation and commissioning at the customer's site. Begin by laying the power plug and vehicle plug with the manufacturer's recommended cables loosely on the cement floor. Use a car tire with the same load as P225/75R15 to apply a rolling force of (5000±250)N or (11000N±550)N, and roll over the charging plug or plug function at a speed of (8±2)km/h. Box (tire inflation pressure 220±10)kPa. It is used to simulate and test the ability of the power supply plug or plug function box to withstand vehicle crushing damage. This equipment has a device to prevent sample movement.      
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