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Do You Know How Explosion-proof Boxes Work?

China Sinuo Testing Equipment Co. , Limited certification
China Sinuo Testing Equipment Co. , Limited certification
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Do You Know How Explosion-proof Boxes Work?
Latest company news about Do You Know How Explosion-proof Boxes Work?

Explosion-proof high and low temperature test chamber working principle


The front upper part of the equipment is the test area, and the front lower part and the rear part are the refrigeration unit.

The decompression port is opened at the top, and the pressure relief plate is a stencil with TO.03 aluminum foil on the surface. The cavity of the decompression port is filled with thermal insulation cotton wrapped with aluminum foil, and the pressure relief port is sealed up and down.

The top of the outer box is the outer mesh cover, the circulating fan, the pressure relief port, the strong exhaust fan, and the smoke detector components are all installed inside the outer mesh cover. The top of the outer mesh cover is a mesh plate, which can not only allow the airflow to pass through when the pressure is released, but also prevent the insulation board and insulation cotton from flying out.

The strong exhaust fan is installed inside the top outer grille, leaving an interface, which can be connected to the customer's pipeline. The fire extinguishing device is installed inside the machinery room, and is connected to the box through a pressure reducing valve, a solenoid valve and a copper pipe.


Battery Explosion Proof Temperature Chamber


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This series of products are suitable for aerospace products, information electronic instruments, materials, electricians, vehicles, metals, electronic products, and various electronic components in high and low temperature or humid and hot environments, testing their performance indicators and quality management purposes. The high and low temperature damp heat test box, also known as artificial simulated environment test box, is used to test the heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and temperature resistance of various materials. Suitable for quality management of plastic products, electronics, electrical appliances, food, vehicles, metals, chemicals, building materials and computers.

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